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Eagle Mapping

With 40 years in the business of topographical mapping, Eagle Mapping is a trusted provider of LiDAR Data Acquisition and Processing Services. We are here to map the path to your future profits.

Our Story

Welcome to Eagle Mapping, where precision mapping is our expertise. Our dedicated team of technical staff and management is committed to delivering the highest quality, accurate maps to meet your unique needs. We use cutting-edge technology and offer a wide array of deliverables to redefine the industry standard. Choose us for your mapping solutions and experience the difference.

Our Services

At Eagle Mapping, we don't just provide maps; we provide solutions. Our dedication to accuracy, innovation, and customer satisfaction is at the core of everything we do. We're here to map the path to your future profits.


We offer exceptional LiDAR and Aerial Photography services. We have complete control over every stage of a project, thanks to our in-house sensors, aircraft, and data processing capabilities. This enables us to deliver the best possible results to our clients.


We are a highly experienced company in processing LiDAR data using the Terrasolid Suite. With years of expertise, we provide top-notch services to our clients.


We provide a range of deliverables including orthophotos, bare earth models, contours, digital terrain models, hill shade models, slope models, intensity models, canopy height models, vegetation density models, and surface roughness maps. 


 Our expertise in LiDAR technology has been utilized in projects across North and South America. We cater to clients from diverse fields such as Natural Resources, Municipal and Engineering, Ecological, and Indigenous Peoples sectors.

Cutting Edge Technology

We own the most advanced LiDAR equipment available, including top-of-the-line RIEGL sensors. Our team of expert LiDAR analysts confidently employs the latest software and classification algorithms to process LiDAR data in-house. This allows us to provide our clients with the most detailed and valuable insights possible.


From our aviation hub in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, we take to the skies with a fleet of Piper Navajos and our own Cessna 206 & 210. This allows us to partner with organizations across North, Central & South America, providing aerial platforms for LiDAR and camera sensors. We understand that every mission is unique, and we're equipped to meet your aerial data collection needs.

Taking to the Skies

Centerra Gold Inc.

Bill Vanderwoerd

"Everyone is happy with the LiDAR and Ortho as usual"
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Contact Us


Canadian Services:

John Rankin​

Geomatics Sales Consultant

Direct Phone: +1 250.613.9458


Canada, Mexico, Central & South America Services:

Hector de los Santos

​Geomatics Sales Manager

Direct Phone: +1 604.764.5623​


Oficinas en México

Aristóteles 77 Piso 5, Polanco, CDMX

Hector de los Santos

Tel. +52 (55) 8851-1517

USA Services:

Andrew Lewis

Vice President Sales & Marketing

Direct Phone: +1 503.501.7278​

Eagle Mapping Ltd. Head Office

Building C, Unit C420 - 20178 96th Ave, Langley, BC, V1M 0B2, Canada

Toll free: +1 877.942.5551

Office: +1 604.942.5551

Fax: +1 604.942.5951

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