Airborne LiDAR

LiDAR uses laser light to measure distance similar to RADAR, but uses light rather than radio waves. The result is the ability to produce accurate, detailed surface models quickly and often at reduced costs over conventional photogrammetric mapping.

To ensure Eagle Mapping’s tradition of high quality geospatial information, we have engineered a LiDAR system based on Riegl’s LMS-Q780 laser scanner and more recently, Riegl's advanced unit LMS-Q1560 and new VQ-780i. Our system provides state of the art high speed, medium-high altitude laser scanning with superior accuracy from Riegl’s online waveform analysis.

• Wide Area / High Altitude Mapping

• Topography & Mining
• High Point Density Mapping
• Mapping of Complex Urban Environments
• Glacier & Snowfield Mapping
• City Modeling
• Mapping of Lakesides & River Banks
• Agriculture & Forestry
• Corridor Mapping

THE VQ-780i

High laser Pulse repetition rate up to 1 MHz

•Online waveform processing as well as smart and full waveform recording

•Excellent multiple target detection capability

•Excellent suppression of atmospheric clutter

•Multiple-Time-Around (MTA) processing of up to 25 pulses simultaneously in the air

•Up to 666,000 measurements/sec on the ground

•Parallel scan lines and uniform point distribution

•High-speed optical data link to RIEGL data recorder

•Interface for GNSS time synchronization

•Seamless integration and compatibility with other RIEGL ALS systems and software packages

•High laser Pulse repetition rate up to 800 kHz
•Innovative forward/backward looking capability
•Digitization electronics for full waveform data
•Single multifaceted polygon mirror for beam deflection
•Integrated multi-megapixel aerial medium format camera
•Integrated secondary camera (e.g. IR-camera)
•Integrated inertial navigation system and GNSS receiver
•Fiber coupled high speed data interface to single RIEGL Data Recorder


•Great versatility, accuracy and data quality

•Up to 10 pulses in the air handled simultaneously, offering industry leading digital signal processing

•Delivers perfectly straight parallel and high resolution scan lines - described as a Matrix Scan Pattern

•Very wide effective swatch width that delivers unrivaled operating efficiency

•Applicable from high altitude wide area mapping to low flight altitude corridor mapping


Eagle Mapping has many years of experience processing LiDAR data using the Terrasolid Suite. We are experts in fusing Photogrammetry, imagery and LiDAR creating more useful geospatial data for our clients. We can provide:
•Classified LiDAR points (DWG, LAS, ASCII, and other formats)
•“Bare-Earth” DEM (DWG, ArcASCII, SHP, and others formats)
•Intensity Imagery (Geo-referenced TIFF, JPG, and others)
•Ortho imagery or True color LiDAR points (Color imagery required for this process)
•Stereo Vector compilation from LiDAR data (No imagery required)
•Many other deliverables available tailored to your requirements

•Fast turn around time
•Cost effective
•Gives 3D structural view of bare-earth below the canopy
•High precision data

Image left to right: Orthophoto, DEM, Contours

“Eagle Mapping's work was done quickly and economically. It was just what we needed to get these projects moving forward."

Scott Mahnken, P. Eng., EES Consulting

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