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LiDAR provides detailed (1 to 50 or more measurements per m2) accurate (+/- 10cm vertical +/-20cm horizontal) digital elevation measurements.


This kind of data can be obtained even under heavy forest cover.


This data can be used in …

  • Estimate documents

  • Scoping studies

  • Proposal documents (3-D fly through)

  • Engineered plans

  • “As built” confirmation


Rate of change maps …

  • coastline erosion

  • tailing dam change

  • urbanization

  • illegal miners

Digital elevation data can then be processed to develop a number of maps that are very useful.  For example some municipalities have bylaws that state only ground less than 3:1 slopes can be developed on.  Topo data can be manipulated into slope maps … areas >3:1 vs areas <3:1 slope

"Eagle Mapping's work was done quickly and economically.  It was just what we needed to get these (hydroelectric) projects moving forward. We look forward to working with Eagle Mapping on our next project."

Scott Mahnken, P.E., P,Eng., Civil Engineering Consultant

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