Eagle Mapping has more than 30 years of Aerial Mapping experience.  We have flown LiDAR from Alaska to Chile.  We have clients associated with Mining, Forestry, Engineering, Ecological and First Nations sectors.

We specialize in Aerial LiDAR and Air photo collection and processing.  We have highly trained and skilled staff.

Accurate aerial topographical and Orthophoto maps are a basic necessity for exploration geologists and mining and environmental engineers in order to find an ore deposit and develop a mine.

Precision maps, created using digital Aerial Photography and/or LiDAR technology supply essential information for engineers.

Digital Aerial Photography and/or LiDAR surveys provide precision mapping for the forestry industry. 

Accurate mapping of First Nations land can be the first step to financial growth and/or control over their environment.

Precision maps created using digital Aerial Photography and/or LiDAR technology supply important reference information

There are a number of applications for LiDAR/Aerial photography within Environmental Studies. 

LiDAR can be used to find even very subtle features under heavy forest canopy.

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