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Aurora Geosciences Contracts Four LiDAR Surveys for Their Client "Rover Metals Corp." in the NWT

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

The surveys will be completed using a Riegl VQ-780ii at 8 pulses per meter with a 30% overlap. All survey areas combined will have 18 swathes totaling 142 line kilometers of data collection and 392 images with a resolution < 10cm. Images will be orthorectified and mosaiced into a single cohesive orthophoto mosaic for each area.

Cabin Lake Group of Gold Projects

Up Town Gold Property

Aurora Geosciences uses the data supplied by Eagle Mapping Ltd. to add critical information to Rover Metals base maps, and assist Rover in identify geophysical features that can be indicative of sub surface mineralogy such as faults, veins, and folds, and to assist in planning and development of infrastructure.

Rover Metals is a natural resource exploration company specialized in North American precious metal resources. Rover Metals obtained a public listing for its securities on the TSX Venture Exchange as a Tier II Mining Issuer on June 26, 2018. Rover Metals trades under the symbol "ROVR" on the TSXV. Rover Metals also obtained a public listing of its securities on the OTCQB on January 17, 2019 (OTCQB: ROVMF).

On August 9, 2018, Rover Metals acquired a 100% interest in the Cabin Lake Property completing its area play for the Cabin Lake Group of Gold Projects. The Cabin Lake Group of Gold Projects are located 110 km northwest of Yellowknife and 20 km southeast of Fortune Minerals' NICO Project and close to the new Tlicho All Season Road. The properties hosts high-grade gold in iron formation in archean metasedimentary.

On September 9, 2016, Rover Metals Optioned up to a 100% interest in the Up Town Gold Property. The Up Town Gold Property is a high grade Archean lode gold prospect adjoining the Giant Mine in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. The Property consists of 6 claims covering 3,227 hectares and borders the west side of the Giant Mine leases. The Property centre is approximately 6 km north from downtown Yellowknife, and adjoins TerraX Minerals’ Northbelt claims.

Aurora Geosciences has carved a niche in providing integrated geosciences with exploration support services at many mines and advanced projects across Northern Canada and Alaska. Since 2000, Aurora has contributed to discoveries and resource definitions at Diavik, Ekati, Meadowbank, Kennady Lake, Keno Hill, Faro, Wolverine, Kudz ze Kayah and Rackla Bel, White Gold Belt, Greens Creek, Livengood, Boken Mountain, Whistler and Red Dog.

Today, a new generation of Aurora staff, fired by the same drive to discover and build on the experience of its founders, is creating their own legacy in the North.

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