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Canterra Minerals Corp. Embraces LiDAR Technology

Canterra Minerals has contracted Eagle Mapping Ltd. to survey 332 square kilometers of their land holdings in Newfoundland. The data will be captured using the Riegl 1560 full waveform dual laser scanner capable of multiple returns. Due to the rugged nature of the terrain and the heavy vegetation cover swathes will be collected with > 50% overlap at 4.3 pulses per meter and the swathes will then be aggregated to exceed 8ppm. With the multi return, dual forward and backward lasers, and the double overlaps each aggregated swathe achieves 6 different collection angles increasing the possibility of canopy penetration and acquiring ground points. Eagle Mapping finds this methodology the very best approach to data collection to minimize data voids to best visualize the bare earth.

Aerial photography will also be collected simultaneously with the LiDAR to create a high resolution orthophoto mosaic.

Canterra plans to use the data to:

  • Create a detailed base map

  • Locate historical workings and old roads

  • Lineament Analysis

  • Determine glacial flow direction

  • Map resistant (or recessive) lithologies, faults or veins even under canopy

  • Display hydrology to identify existing and ancient streams and rivers

  • Locate potential drill sites

  • Plan drill access routes

  • Plot accurate drill sections

Canterra Minerals Corp (CTM) is a mining & metals company focused on gold exploration in central Newfoundland.

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