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  • Loni Starycki

James Hume, our President, is featured in a LiDAR news article.

James Hume, President, Eagle Mapping

"A Commitment to Quality"

James Hume, President of Eagle Mapping has a background in mechanical engineering, but in the summers, he worked with his father at Eagle Mapping doing map editing. His father started Eagle Mapping in 1985 with a focus on aerial photography.

James joined Eagle Mapping in 2007, right when the US housing market collapsed. 2008 and 2009 were hard years as everyone worked at keeping the company together. James explained, “We knew we had to purchase a LiDAR sensor to keep up with technology and hopefully, get the company back on its feet. So, in 2010, using my engineering background I put a RIEGL VQ-480 with a Novatel SPAN-SE, and iMAR FSAS IMU. We were able to get up and running that summer and we continued to add sensors, as we went along.”

In 2012, Eagle Mapping purchased a VQ-580. They started doing work all over North, Central and South America. They spent a lot of time in Colombia and even temporarily opened an office there...

You can link to the full LiDAR News article here.

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