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  • John Rankin

Signature Resources moves forward with a LiDAR survey at Lingman Lake

Signature Resources has contracted Eagle Mapping to acquire and classify airborne LiDAR data and Aerial Photography for their Lingman Lake Property. The total area will be approximately 272 square kilometers. LiDAR collection will be done at ≥8 pulses/meter with simultaneous RGB photo collection.

A Riegl VQ-1560 with dual forward and backward lasers mounted in a Cessna 206 will be employed to collect the data at 4.2 pulses per meter per swath with a swath overlap greater than 50% for an aggregate pulse density of 8.4 pulses per square meter. This method offers the highest number of look angles to create a detailed surface. Simultaneous aerial photography will also be collected to create an orthophoto mosaic with a GSD of approximately 16cm.

Data collection will consist of 26 lines totalling 507 line kilometers with 1091 images.

Lingman Lake ON, 56° Scan Angle > 50% sidelap @ ≥8ppm

Signature Resources will use this data to compliment their airborne geophysical data and enhance their exploration. The LIDAR will be used to provide a high-resolution bare earth DEM to assist with delineating lineaments for folds, faults and lithology which can indicate mineralization. Many of these features are difficult to find on the ground or from the air due to vegetation which LiDAR will strip away in a bare earth model. The DEM will also provide the base map for access trails to camps and drill sites and any future planning.

Signature Resources Ltd (TSX.V: SGU, OTCQB: SGGTF, FSE:3S3) is a Canadian gold exploration company with advanced and early exploration assets. Its core asset is the Lingman Mine Project encompassing the Lingman Lake Gold Mine with an historical estimate of 234,648 oz of gold.

Hillshade Bare Earth Example

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