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DEM 3D Yukon
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LiDar vs. Google Earth
Lidar vs. Google Earth 2

Eagle Mapping has many years of experience processing LiDAR data using the Terrasolid Suite. We are experts in fusing photogrammetry, imagery and LiDAR creating more useful geospatial data for our clients. We can provide:

  • Classified LiDAR points (DWG, LAS, ASCII, and other formats)

  • “Bare-Earth” DEM (DWG, ArcASCII, SHP, and others formats)

  • Intensity Imagery (Geo-referenced TIFF, JPG, and others)

  • Ortho imagery or True color LiDAR points (Color imagery required for this process)

  • Stereo Vector compilation from LiDAR data (No imagery required)

  • Many other deliverables available tailored to your requirements

"We would like to congratulate Eagle Mapping on producing such a high quality map in difficult terrain."

Cassidy Gold Corp, James T. Gilles, President

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