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LiDAR provides detailed (1 to 50 or more measurements per m2) accurate (+/- 10cm vertical +/-20cm horizontal) digital elevation measurements.


This kind of data can be obtained even under heavy forest cover.


This data can be used in …

  • Estimate documents

  • Scoping studies

  • Proposal documents (3-D fly through)

  • Engineered plans

  • “As built” confirmation


Rate of change maps …

  • coastline erosion

  • tailing dam change

  • urbanization

  • illegal miners

Digital elevation data can then be processed to develop a number of maps that are very useful.  For example some municipalities have bylaws that state only ground less than 3:1 slopes can be developed on.  Topo data can be manipulated into slope maps … areas >3:1 vs areas <3:1 slope


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