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Grass Roots Exploration


  • High-quality base map

  • Locate historical workings or old roads for easier access

  • Lineament Analysis

  • Determine ice flow direction

  • Map-resistant (or recessive) lithologies, faults or veins

  • Locate or follow veins/faults/contacts/dykes even under heavy forest canopy

Advanced Exploration


  • Locate potential drill sites

  • Plan drill access routes

  • Plot accurate drill sections (more likely to get correct interpretation)

  • Archaeology / Environmental studies

  • Locate illegal miners

  • Better topography for geophysics (especially Gravity)

Resource Evaluation


  • Accurate and detailed topo leads to more accurate resource model

Engineering Construction Phase

  • Slope maps / Topo maps / Wet vs Dry soil maps

  • Roads / power line routes

  • Plan Tailings Storage Facilities

Resource Extraction


  • Accurately measure volume of rock removed from pit

  • Measure remaining capacity of tailings storage

  • Measure volume of ore / waste piles


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