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Toll Free: 1.877.942.5551 or  Office: +1 604.942.5551

Fax: +1 604.942.5951


To provide you with pricing we will need some information from you ...

A map of your area of interest (kmz - shape file - list of coordinates ...)

How many pulses / m2 of LiDAR you require?

  • 2 pulses /m2 is a minimum

  • 4 pulses for areas with moderate tree cover (this should give you 1-2 ground measurements / m2)

  • 8 pulses for areas with dense vegetation (i.e rainforests found on the west coast of north America)

  • 12 pulses/m2 for areas with dense veg and dense underbrush

  • 20 pulses / m2 for intense vegetation (i.e. central American rainforests)

What kind of accuracy you require?

  • Our standard accuracy is +/-15cm vertical and +/- 30cm horizontal

  • Our enhanced accuracy is +/-10cm vertical and +/- 20cm horizontal

If you would like air photos - what resolution do you require? Most clients request +/- 30cm

For our no cost, no obligation proposal, or for further information, please email us at:

"We would certainly retain EML again for not only similar projecrts but other projects that would require lidar data collection and survey services."

Gary J. Gawdin, P.Eng., President, AP&T Inc.

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