Eagle Mapping

Eagle Mapping is a Western Canadian based, client oriented geospatial data provider.  Our focus, since incorporation in 1985, has been providing custom accurate geospatial and mapping solutions to meet our client's needs - now and into the future.

With company headquarters near Vancouver, Canada and offices in Washington, USA we provide international data acquisition throughout North, Central and South America.

Eagle Mapping combines industry-leading practices with qualified partners to provide mapping products using Aerial Photography, LiDAR and Satellite Imagery.


We produce high quality digital mapping, data and imagery tailored to your project requirements.






You Choose, We Deliver

Contact us for a no cost, no obligation proposal

For our no cost, no obligation proposal, please email us  at: sales@eaglemapping.com

To provide you with pricing all we need is ...

A map of your area of interest (kmz - shape file - list of coordinates ...)

How many pulses / m2 of LiDAR do you want?

  • 2 pulses /m2 is a minimum

  • 4 pulses for areas with moderate tree cover (this should give you 1-2 ground measurements / m2)

  • 8 pulses for areas with dense vegetation (i.e rainforests found on the West Coast of North America)

  • 12 pulses/m2 for areas with dense veg and dense underbrush

  • 20 pulses / m2 for intense vegetation (i.e. Central American rainforests)

What kind of accuracy do you want?

  • Our standard accuracy is +/-15cm vertical and +/- 30cm horizontal

  • Our enhanced accuracy is +/-10cm vertical and +/- 20cm horizontal

If you want airphotos - what resolution do you want? Most clients want +/- 30cm

"We would certainly retain Eagle Mapping again for not only similar projects but other projects that would require lidar data collection and survey services."

Gary J. Gawdin, P.Eng., President, AP&T Inc.

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